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Charting Excellence Since 1972: Precision in Business Rankings and Economic Trend Analysis in the Adria Region

Our story began in 1972 when Poslovne novine first conducted ranking of companies according to their business performance. Over the years, we have diligently pursued our mission and maintained the tradition of recognising the most successful companies. This is accomplished through various projects, conferences and special publications in which we carefully analyse over 400,000 companies from the Adria region and everything is meticulously assessed based on their business achievements.    

Our approach to ranking companies is featured by precision and compliance with international standards. Companies are classified based on their projects and industries, they are assessed based on predefined criteria that are aligned with global standards.



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Poslovne novine, in cooperation with its business partners, create, publish and promote regionally recognised rankings and brands. In addition to our expertise in evaluating companies, brands and products, we also use a comprehensive market researches and data analysis methods in order to complete our rankings. 

Our vision is to enable improved visibility and promotion to the fast-growing companies that opt to present themselves to clients, business partners and the community, conveying the message that they among the most significant fast-growing companies in the Adria region. 

Through a transparent, thorough, and independent evaluation, we provide a reliable overview of economic trends. Simultaneously, the companies are provided with an opportunity to highlight their success and promote good business practices.   

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