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CAGR Ranking Method

Criteria for Identifying Adria's Fastest Growing Companies via CAGR Analysis

The fastest growing companies in the Adria region in 2023. are listed among the first 1000 companies. They are ranked according to the to the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) between 2020 and 2022, by using the following criteria.

Inclusion Criteria

In order for a company to be ranked among the fastest growing in the Adria region, it had to meet the following criteria:

Generated revenue amounting to minimum 150,000 EUR in 2020.

Provision of final financial report for the last three years.

Proof of revenue growth in the last three years.

Have no transaction accounts blocked on the day of the raking.

CAGR Calculation

The calculation of company’s growth rate was based on the revenue data provided by the company to the competent national agency in the appropriate national currency. For better comparability, the revenues were converted into EUR at the average exchange rate for this financial year. 

Assessment and quality assurance

All data reported by companies were processed and verified by local partners. The missing entries, such as employee numbers and addresses, were thoroughly examined. Companies that failed to meet the inclusion criteria were omitted. Minimum CARG required for ranking inclusion was 10 percent.


The ranking of the fastest growing companies for 2023 was carried out using a comprehensive assessment procedure. Despite a thorough research, the ranking may not be considered final and complete.

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